About Us

Sharing the exceptional
Taste of Bibigo

The name Bibigo comes from the Korean word to “mix,” combined with “go” for an exciting line of products that are delicious and convenient. Simple to enjoy. Definitely worth sharing.

Harmony is
our Inspiration

A precise balance of ingredients and flavors that come together to create a distinctive product.

Rooted in Korean
Culinary Traditions

We make all of our products using the philosophies of Korean cuisine. We believe that’s what makes them so good.

It’s All in the Details

As the No.1 food company in Korea and with over 60 years of experience, we know what it takes to make good food. For our grilled meat products, we use a real fire to grill the meats so they have an authentic barbecue flavor and we add real fruit purees to our marinades that helps to naturally tenderize meat. It’s all in the details.

Balance is Key

All food should be balanced in nutrition, flavor, texture and color. This unique synergy is what powers the mind and body.

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