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Gochujang Sauce Extra Spicy (10.7 oz)

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  • HOT SAUCE MADE WITH TRADITIONAL GOCHUJANG FROM KOREA: Gochujang is a traditional Korean hot pepper paste made with sun-dried chilis. Gotchu Classic has a sweet and savory flavor with a mild sizzle that's just right.
  • ADDS NEW DIMENSION TO ANY MEAL: Sweet-Savory-Spicy-Earthy complexity that instantly takes everyday dishes to new levels.
  • AUTHENTIC KOREAN FLAVOR: Distinctive Slow, Lingering Mild Heat from traditional Korean Gochujang (Hot pepper paste)
  • NEVER OVERPOWERS: Always augments, never overpowers your food
  • OFFICIAL HOT SAUCE OF THE LAKERS: "cause it's that good!"


Ready to Eat

Keep refrigerated after opening.


Ingredients: Water, Hot Pepper Paste (Wheat Flour, Rice Syrup, Water, Hot Pepper Powder, Salt, Wheat, Defatted Soybean Powder, Koji), Sugar, Tomato Paste, Distilled Vinegar, Salt, Contains 2% Or Less Of Red Jalapeno Puree, Garlic Puree, Red Pepper Powder, Molasses, Modified Food Starch, Seasoning (Glycerine, Water, Natural Flavor, Gum Arabic, Canola Oil), Sodium Benzoate (For Freshness), Potassium Sorbate (For Freshness), Xanthan Gum, Paprika Seasoning (Extractives Of Paprika, Quillaja

Contains: Wheat and Soy

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